Hospitalar 2018 brings innovations in health

Health Connections will attend the 2018 Hospitalar, to be held May 22-25 at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo. The event, as it approaches its 25th edition, is considered the main platform for business generation, building relationships and introduction of innovations in the health industry.

This year, the trade show will feature 1,200 exhibitors, 40 content events, 8,000 conference attendees and more than 90,000 visitors from 70 countries. Participants will discuss the directions and main trends in business management for health facilities, as well as other topics regarded as relevant to the market. Among the list of exhibitors are the medical services and rehabilitation clinic Sinapse and the healthtech startup Hibou.

Sinapse group offers several medical specialties in Clinical Neurophysiology, Outpatient Neurological Consultations and Neurology Rehabilitation, with special focus on complementary exams in outpatient and hospital Neurology. Hibou Hospitalar is a Clinical Engineering startup equipping healthcare establishments with the required tools to efficiently manage their technology parks.

Vinicius Naves, founding partner of Hibou Hospitalar, says the event is an opportunity to update healthcare trends and technologies. According to the executive, “the company, through its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), innovates the concept of managing hospital and health facilities technology parks through a comprehensive, intuitive and flexible system”.

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